Revenue Enhancement

Operational Management

As a full service golf operations company, WTS Golf provides complete facility operations for course owners. WTS Golf's expertise includes marketing, creative golf programs, course conditioning, pro shop management, human resources, customer service training as well as food/beverage and tournament operations.


Our agronomy partner is committed to achieving agronomic excellence by utilizing reliable, proven techniques. Reduced expenses create increased profits.

The approach encourages the use of nature-friendly “green” compounds and prudent chemical applications to achieve turf health at the most reasonable cost while ensuring our golf courses remain sanctuaries for native plants and wildlife.

  • General Agronomic Planning
  • Environmental Planning
  • Turfgrass Maintenance
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Course Renovation Projects
  • Irrigation Technologies

Marketing & Sales

WTS Golf’s marketing team works in conjunction with each golf course general manager to establish and execute strategies to increase guest participation and revenue. Our marketing team employs a number of programs which used together, produce a successful short and long-term marketing plan. We complete a competitive course assessment, perform a product positioning analysis and review the golf course’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and successes. These efforts enable us to identify target customer segments anddevelop marketing strategies which help produce tactical revenue capture segments. Each course and operation is different, so are our marketing plans.

Lifestyle Programming

Customer service lifestyle amenities and player experience is our highest priority at every WTS Golf managed facility. Each golf course property under our care is recognized as a uniquely individual property and is treated as such in the development of programming and events. Members and guests feel welcomed, pampered and as if they are part of a larger family.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage amenities are unique at each of our managed facilities. Through extensive training and detailed preparations, all of WTS Golf's food and beverage operations are presented and maintained to the highest food and beverage standards and quality.


Effective financial management brings our clients peace of mind.  WTS Golf's accounting services team utilizes a proven system for managing the accounting practices of our properties. Our approach to risk management, insurance, licensing and other government requirements are tracked and managed to ensure your investment remains compliant with all regulations and is protected at all times. Monthly financial reviews are conducted to ensure accurate report of all revenues, expenses and projections are closely monitored.

Human Capital

Our commitment to human capital, in both your team members and guests, is what makes WTS Golf an exceptional golf management company. Our Human Capital Team actively recruits the best people in the industry and trains them using tried and proven programs to deliver outstanding customer service. We invest in our Team Members, celebrating their commitment, inspiring their creativity and rewarding their performance.

  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Employment Policies and Procedures
  • Job and Management Training
  • Benefits Management
  • Performance Reviews
  • Termination and COBRA Compliance
  • Drug-Free, Harassment-Free and OSHA Work Place Compliance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance